Acne Treatment Laser Program

The greatest acne treatment laser innovation. Stops the function of the sebaceous glands and reduces comedone and inflammation helping your acne dry and disappear quickly. Helps to fade red and dark marks and build up your collagen underneath the skin to become more firm and bright. This treatment is the best and fastest program to see results. This special treatment that Iconic Clinic has invented can revitalize your skin, free it from acne, and help to make it clear and


Treatment steps

Using laser to heal inflammation and comedone will make acne dry, disappear quickly and slow the sebaceous glands. Special Iconic Clinic’s treatment can deeply repair damaged skin cells, to get faster remove your acne. We apply an Acne Mask to take care of your skin and in addition our Doctor will provide close care during the treatment period by giving a cream treatment for you to get the best results. Injection or extraction may be necessary if you have swollen comedone.

Using Elos PlusTM AC laser

To remove comedone and inflammation Iconic Clinic has selected Elos Plus(TM) laser. It will kill special P.Acne bacteria that causes comedone, reduce the function of the sebaceous glands and reduce comedone and inflammation helping your acne dry and disappear quickly all while being an extremely safe procedure.

Treatment period

60 minutes per session. It is recommended to have treatment 8-10 times. Treatment is every other week. The results depend on a person’s age and after care treatment.

Who should get this treatment?

1. A person who has had inflammatory, cystic acne for long time.

2. A person who is allergic to Vitamin A or has problems with dry lips, peeling skin or losing hair.

3. A person who does not want to extract pimples or receive injection and who does not want to take medication for a long period.

4. Suits all skin types especially oily skin.

5. To get the best results take this treatment with other care to prevent dark marks and acne pits.

6. Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should not get this treatment.

The feeling during treatment

During treatment you will feel a slight tightness and warm sensation around the area where the machine is touching. AC laser will feel slightly warm and tight on some areas.

Before and After Care Treatment

1. Strictly follow Doctor’s suggestions whether to take medication or receive cream treatment as instructed.

2. Adjust your daily life and focus on getting healthier by drinking more water, getting enough sleep, avoiding oily fried food and lowering stress.

3. For 4-5 days after treatment avoid sunlight or intense sunlight and also steam, sauna, etc.

4. Protect your new skin by applying care cream and sunscreen everyday.

Result from treatment

1. Kill P.acne bacteria the cause of acne and prevent new acne.

2. Reduce the function of the sebaceous glands and minimize oily facial skin.

3. A decline in comedone, inflammatory acne and cystic acne.

4. Develop firm smooth skin.

5. Reduce dark acne marks and get bright skin without acne.

Is this treatment safe?

There is no danger in this treatment even though there have been cases which found some red marks from the extraction, this will disappear within 40 minutes. Clients can go back to normal daily work there are no side effects, no scabbing and no need to recuperate. For 4-5 days clients should avoid sunlight or high heat areas. Not every client will need to take medication as it depends on the Doctor's recommendations .