Acne Clear Programme

7 step Acne Clear Programme including medication, cream, injection, pimple extraction, aesthetic treatment, Acne Mask and IPL which uses laser to reduce red and dark acne marks. Get ready to show your clear skin free of comedone and inflammation. Dries out pimples quickly, reduces oily skin and adjusts your skin to be bright and clear using our special treatment.

Treatment steps

This special treatment developed by our Iconic Clinic will penetrate deep into your skin cells and remove acne step by step. After the skin is completely healed we will carefully apply an Acne Mask to remove your comedone and inflammation. To get the best result our Doctor will structure a regime involving medication, cream and injection. Add to this our own technology IPL High Bright Light (laser), which will improve your red marks and prepare new bright glowing skin for you.

Treatment period

Each treatment takes 60 minutes. To get the best result we recommend 5-8 treatments and recommend that you do at least 1 treatment every week. Results will depend on each person’s age and after treatment care.

The feeling during treatment

A small amount of itchiness around your facial area and a warm sensation from the touch of the machines head. After the laser process your facial skin may feel tight in the area that was treated.

Who should get Acne Clear

1. People suffering from comedone and inflammation, oily skin or rough skin.

2. People suffering with red and dark acne marks or hyperpigmentation.

3. Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should not get this treatment.

Suggestions after treatment

1. Strictly follow the doctor’s directions by taking any medication or anti acne cream that is recommended

2. Adjust your daily life and focus on getting healthier by drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, avoiding oily fried foods and lowering stress.

3. 4-5 days after IPL laser treatment you should avoid sunlight or high heat areas such as steam, sauna, etc.

4. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen everyday.

The result after treatment

1. Reduced comedone and inflammation.

2. A reduction in oily skin.

3. Repairing of enlarged pores making your skin soft and smooth.

4. Improve red and dark acne marks and hyperpigmentation. Get ready to show your younger skin!

Side effects from Acne Clear

There are some cases, you may see minor light red or pink marks after treatment. You can trust in our treatment, there is no danger associated with our procedures. Our doctors take great care in providing directions and assistance on how to administer the medication and cream making sure that you will get the best result from us.