Light therapy for acne treatments.

You can forget about old acne treatment methods because we have new technology, PDT Magic Light program from Blue Light and Red Light innovation. Light Therapy can kill special P.Acne bacteria that causes comedone, reduce the function of the sebaceous glands and reduce comedone and inflammation helping your acne dry and disappear quickly. Proven by leading skin professionals you can feel the difference from the first treatment. This special treatment that Iconic Clinic has invented can revitalize your skin making it clear, bright and free from acne.

Treatment steps

This special treatment developed by our Iconic Clinic will penetrate deep into your skin cells and remove acne step by step. After the skin is completely healed we will carefully apply an Acne Mask to remove your comedone and inflammation. To get the best result our Doctor will structure a regime involving medication, cream and injection which can reduce swelling and inflammation of the skin together with pimple extraction. To get best results and decrease P. Acne bacteria, our special laser will kill acne on your skin.

What is PDT Magic Light?

Our Iconic clinic decided to use Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), the newest technology which uses Margenta Light. The technology is recognized in American and Europe. Margenta Light is an acne removing innovation, using (light) wavelength 415 nm. and 660 nm. to decrease the function of sebaceous glands and kill P.acne bacteria; the cause of acne. U.S. Food and Drug Administration certified the research result that 95% of acne was decreased. Furthermore Light Therapy is more effective than taking medication or injections, you can trust our treatment will not result in any danger or side effects. 1 Blue light can kill P. acne bacteria which is the cause of acne. It can help to heal comedone quickly and the need to take medication is shorter than other methods. 2 Yellow light helps to fade dark marks, hyperpigmentation, black spots, freckles, stimulate blood and lymph circulation, and can also extract waste from the facial skin surface. 3 Red light can stimulate the creation of collagen, adjust your skin to be more smooth, reduce dark marks and you also can apply to all acne areas such as the face and back.

Treatment period

60 minutes per session 5-8 times every other week. The results depend on a person’s age and after treatment care.

Who should get Acne Treatment

1. A person who has cystic acne (long period of having acne) or inflammatory and rush acne.

2. Any skin type can utilise this acne treatment, especially on oily skin.

3. Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should not get this treatment.

The feeling during treatment

The treatment machine’s head gives a warm feeling with a small amount of itchiness. You will feel warm during lasering. After laser treatment there is no need to worry about dark spot freckles nor damaged skin as our Blue Light has no UV so it will not harm your skin.

After Care Treatment

1. Strictly follow Doctor’s suggestions whether to take medication or receive cream treatment.

2. Adjust your daily life and focus on getting healthier by drinking more water, getting enough sleep, avoiding oily fried food and lowering stress.

Result from treatment

1. Kill P.Acne bacteria; the cause of acne and prevent the return of acne.

2. Stop the function of the sebaceous glands on facial skin.

3. A decline in comedone and inflammatory acne.

4. Develop firm smooth skin.

5. Reduce dark acne marks, get bright skin without acne.

Side effects from ACNE LIGHT THERAPY

There is no danger in Acne Light therapy. Red marks on some areas that received extraction may appear however after 40 minutes they will fade. The laser will have a small effect on your skin, dehydrated skin is normally the result of your sebaceous glands work slowly. There are no side effects from taking medication nor receiving cream treatment. Our Doctor will take into consideration each client's specific circumstances.