“Show your face with clear glowing skin!”

Acne Treatment

5 step acne treatment that includes medication, cream, injection, pimple extraction and treatment, to reduce comedone and inflammatory acne. Helps to clean up pimples and quickly remove red acne marks as well as reducing oily facial skin and improving the overall appearance of your skin.

Treatment steps

Special Iconic Clinic’s treatment that get's deep into your skin cells to reduce acne and repair damaged skin. Applying an “Acne Mask” decreases inflammatory acne resulting in pimples drying quickly in conjunction with a doctor who will provide close care during the medical treatment period. To get the best result we carefully apply anti-acne cream and use injections to heal comedone.

Treatment period

Only 45 minutes per session 5-8 times every other week. The results depend on a person’s age and after treatment care.

The feeling during treatment

Our Treatment Machine gives a warm feeling with a small amount of itchiness.

Who Should Get Acne Treatment

1. Everyone who has comedone and inflammatory acne, oily skin or rough skin.

2. Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should not get this treatment.

After Care Treatment

1. Strictly follow Doctor’s suggestions whether to take medication or receive cream treatment.

2. Adjust your daily life and focus on getting healthier by drinking more water, getting enough sleep, avoiding oily fried food and lowering stress.

Result from treatment

1. A person who want to decline in comedone and inflammatory acne.

2. A person who want to decrease in oily facial skin.

3. A person who want to develop firm smooth skin.

4. A person who want to reduce red and dark acne marks scarring and clear bright skin.

Is the treatment safe?

There is no danger in acne treatment even though there have been cases that found some red and pink acne marks after the treatment process however within an hour your skin will look natural again. While taking medication and acne cream our Doctor will take into consideration each client's specific circumstances so you can be sure that you are receiving the very best treatment from us.

(Individual results may vary.)