This is a versatile procedure that can be used for facial rejuvenation and for tightening the skin thereby making it smoother, softer, brighter and provides higher elasticity. Overall, the final result of this procedure leaves the skin much more rejuvenated and fresh.


It is a mixture of natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, placenta and collagen. The material will be processed through HOMEOPATHY, the science of healing, which originated in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hanemann. The procedure has been practiced for more than 200 years, and applies the principle “Using the similar thing to heal something similar”. This applies the substances from the source, which are then diluted before use to avoid side effects. It is similar to the vaccine concept.


The therapy aims to eradicate the cause of wrinkles by applying Made and Collagen to activate each treatment by following these 4 steps:

1. Detoxification is the process by which metabolic waste and toxins are expelled out off your body; this activates the organs that are concerned with excretion such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and lymph nodes. The excretion is very important for your health and has a therapeutic nature as the more toxins or waste present in your body results in more of a chance that you will get sick. When your body cannot dissolve waste, it means that it cannot absorb nutrients as well, just as a full glass contain more water than its limit.

2. Metabolism is the elimination of nitrogenous wastes. Metabolism is the conversion of food and fuel into energy to run cellular processes, which is a key component to getting the necessary nutrients for the blood and transforming these nutrients to the cells of living organisms.

3. Nutrients and Cell therapy work with the nutrients and cells that help your bodily system perform rejuvenation of the skin.

4. Restructuring is the rebalancing of immunity in order to active the natural processes of the body in a more effective way, which helps to prevent various diseases that cause unhealthy skin.


1. Get consult from your healthcare professional before received this treatment.

2. Clean up skin on face before receiving treatment.

3. Botox injection won’t require anesthesia medicine as we use cold compress unless the doctor suggests to use an anesthesia. Putting an anesthetic cream 30- 45 minutes before treatment. The injection will use micro-needle to put medicine to under skin.

4. The doctor will use 4 cc of treatment, 5-10 mm deep into skin that has analyzed before. Taking 15-30 minutes for one session depend on area.


Taking around 15-30 minutes for this treatment and depend on the treated area. Patient must follow the appointment every week. Taking 1 session only during 5-7 days for 5-7 sessions after that patient can visit 1-2 time per month depend on individual person. The result can last for 1-2 years and patient can receive treatment regularly under the doctor’s advice.


1. The patients with chronic acne which might comes from imbalances hormone that often appear in old people who has acne. The Made Ultimate Beauty Program can help to correct hormone imbalances.

2. The patients who suffer from rashes for long time or have skin allergies. Using Made Ultimate Beauty Program will help to generate new skin cells, make cells to be healthier and improve anti-allergies cells.

3. People who doesn’t have skin problem can also have Made Ultimate Beauty Program to nourish the skin. It helps the skin to be healthier, generate new skin cells to be brighter. Beside that the Made Ultimate Beauty program improves your health and make your sleeping better

4. Not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


The patients will feel a slight pain like being bitten by ants while the medical professor is giving the injection. In some cases may have a small needles marks and will disappear within an hour.


1. After treatment at some parts of treated skin might see a bruised from injection. But it will disappear within 5-7 days.

2. Should be followed by regular scheduled programs. 


This program will make skin to be healthier and help skin to be easier to improve with other programs for example laser treatment. For people who takes the medicine to heal the chronic acne and have problem when facing the sun will find that the Made Ultimate Beauty program can reduce side effect that occurs during taking the anti-acne medicine. This program improves dry skin to be smoother, softer and helps to restore the skin to be firm and healthier. When the skin becomes beautiful will improve your mood to be happier and joyful, that makes all of you, men and women, to be healthier and far from illness also.


This treatment is safe as it made from herbs and doesn’t have any effect to human body. Our medical experts will take great care till our client can get back to daily work lives. To get the best result should follow doctor’s suggestion and get other treatment.