Filling substance into the skin cells in order to create a positive influence in lifting up your skin and improve the characteristics of your physical features by having facial contouring. This technology doesn’t need surgery, it is safe and not harmful. It is an innovative technology of modern cosmetology and is popular and well-known, as it is used by many super stars and celebrities. Facial contouring involves active substance injection under the skin, and the substance has a positive influence on the processes occurring in the cell. It can effectively assist in producing ideal facial characteristics such as a higher nose, perfect chin shape, firm forehead, high cheekbones, fill in under-eye lines, improved jowl, filled in mouth frown and vertical lip lines. Getting face filler helps make the face much more attractive, younger looking and stylish.


1. Consult with your healthcare professional to analyze facial structure before get the treatment.

2. Clean the surface and the area for an injection and put the anesthetic cream before treatment about 45 minutes.

3. The doctor will inject to push treatment to skin cell each point as it has analyzed. Generally, it takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the treated area.


The substance that is to filled in under the skin cells, commonly known as ‘filler’, has many types as well as many different brands. These may be divided by the retention in the skin as some of them can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary. The most popular is the temporary type using Hyaluronic acid or HA which is a substance that is naturally present in the human body. HA is part of damis, and has the ability to absorb water to help the skin be more supple. When HA is older, it won’t be as active as it was when it was younger. so your skin has less collagen and elastin which would cause wrinkles and skin problems. The medical community has researched and synthesised the hyaluronic acid from nature which is closest to the one that the human body produces. After one injection, you can observe that the skin is much more firm and that the cells of the skin can retain more water, which results in younger looking skin and faded wrinkles. The treatment is extremely safe and not harmful in the slightest, and dissolves by itself naturally. This filler procedure has been certificated by international safety standards.


1. Helps fill and acne scars

2. Adjust facial shape, fill in the tear troughs, bunny lines, nasolabial folds, mouth frown, forehead area and helps temporal facelift. Also can lift up cheek, get higher nose and fill in vertical lip lines.

3. Helps to adjust chin and facial contouring.


First put the anesthetic on the skin for 45 minutes and doctors will take around 20-30 minutes for a session. May need to schedule next appointment to follow-up treatment.


1. Who have allergic to substances of Hyaluronic acid.

2. People who are treating with an anticoagulant.

3. Those who have a history of allergic to anesthetic.

4. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

5. Who has a history of keloid.

6. Avoiding to get injection of filler together with the laser as it may cause the blisters or peeling skin.

7. Avoiding to get filler treatment with surgical area.

8. Who has skin inflammation or infection.


1. People with an acne scars.

2. Who has deep wrinkle around eyes, under-eyes, nose, cheeks or lip.

3. A person who want to adjust facial shape to get a better physical feature characteristics get firmed forehead, high cheekbones, bigger lips and higher nose.

4. A person who want to have facial contouring, oval shape or V shape.

5. A person who want to fix wrinkle and sagging face skin or get hand skin to be firmer.

6. Suit for people who doesn’t want to get surgery.


The patients will feel little pain or pain under skin and each person will feel differently. After treatment may see a needle mark as small spot on the treated area and will disappear within an hour.


1. Avoid taking alcohol 24 hour before receiving treatment.

2. 1 week before treatment please stop using painkillers NSAIDs group such as Brufen, Voltaren and other drug that stop bleeding sample aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil, primrose oil to reduce bruises.

3. If you have history of accident please inform the Doctor.

4. Give all details after get the treatment to doctor.

5. Checking the medicine brand if they are reliable or having Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or not. Avoiding liquid silicone as can cause the complication infection.


1. In case of bruise from injection can apply an ice pack or using cream that contain Vitamin K to reduce bruise.

2. Using makeup or foundation as normal.

3. Stop receiving laser, radio waves, heat treatment or massaging on the face for 1 week.

4. Found a small lump under the skin is normal and will disappear by 2 weeks, gentle massaging can resolves it quicker.

5. Meet the Doctor 1 week after treatment to get evaluation.


Normally the Filler treatment can remain 6-8 months per session depend on the type of filler and the treated area. Drinking a lot of water, avoiding heat example sauna and hot water during the treatment will help filler last longer.


1. Filler treatment use Hyaluronic acid that is not collagen which derived from animal the chance to get allergic is rare.

2. Filler is widely well known around the world as there is certificate from the Food and Drug Administration from many countries such as France, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Thailand.

3. Taking filler injection from the physicians that has long experienced is the best because they have higher standard and monitoring push follow up every patient closely.

4. Choosing the standard clinic which has quality to avoid fake pharmaceuticals and counterfeit, to reduce the side effect after treatment as well.

5. Filler treatment takes short period of time, no scar, no need to recuperate and can go back to normal daily work.

6. Recommended to get other treatment as medical physician advised to get double the effective result.