With modern cosmetology, facial contouring or adjusting of the face shape can be done with our innovative technology. The treatment is safe and causes no harm or wounds. There will be no need to recuperate, and every client can go back to their normal daily work lives straight away. The various facets of the program include a variety of tried and tested elements. Pulling the skin of the face up results in the skin being brighter and helps rejuvenate the skin. Getting the face shape adjusted should include the Wrinkless program, as this will reduce wrinkles and shrink the  skin, making it ready for facial contouring. Filler will then help to replenish the skin cells and firms the sagging skin. The last is Baby Fat Clear to dissolve and break down the surplus fat. Reducing fat on the cheeks, under-eye bags size, dewlap or chin can all be achieved through these methods. Pulling the skin of the face up makes one look slimmer and more attractive.


1. Get consult from your healthcare professional before received this treatment.

2. Clean up skin on face, in case of filler treatment is needed then we will put an anesthesia cream on treated area around 45 minutes before.

3. Botox injection won’t require anesthesia medicine as we use cold compress unless the doctor suggests to use an anesthesia. Putting an anesthesia 45 minutes before treatment. The injection will use tiny needle to put medicine to under skin.

4. The doctor will inject only area that has analyzed before. Taking 30-45 minutes for one session depend on area.


It is program that use injection technique to adjust face shape without surgery. Modern unique technique for face skin reinforcing to lift up your face and make you look younger than before. Our doctor will assign which program to help you to get better  efficiency on your figure. There are variety of techniques thus our doctor will make sure that our clients will have the best satisfaction after treatment. Also we have strong emphasis on safety and make sure there isn’t any side effect to client.

Many of you may have heard of V-shape face which is very popular nowaday. However V-shape face doesn’t suitable for everyone as face’s structure of each person is difference. Iconic Clinic is intended to reshape your face as suitable for you, front look, side look both left and right we ensure that every of you will have better facial contouring.

As V-shape will not suit for everybody we will check your face structure, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and face overall (forehead, cheeks, chin). Therefore both female and male need to check your face shape with our physician as it is the most important before receiving cosmetology. There is a theoretical 3:5 beautiful face shape that 3 horizontal and 5 vertical on your face has to be equal each. Thai always has problem with these parts, nose, jaw and forehead and there are many solution to adjust them such as reducing jaw size, decrease fat on cheek, modify eyebrows, adjust mouth, filled nasolabial folds, get a higher nose or pull face skin up, etc. Those problem can be repair without surgery or using silicones as we have many options example Filler, Botox or excretion of accumulation of excess fat.


It will take around 30-60 minutes depend on the treated area. Patients must follow our doctor’s suggestion strictly and should be administered as advised.


1. People above 25 years old.

2. Those who start having wrinkles or scars on skin.

3. For people who have problem with facial shape.


Patient will feel a slight pain like being bitten by ants while the medical professor giving the injection. In some cases may has a small needles marks and will disappear within one hour.


1. Avoid taking alcohol 24 hour before receiving treatment.

2. 1-2 days before taking Wrinkless treatment should stop using Vitamin A group, AHA and scrubbing skin.

3. 1 week before treatment please stop using painkillers NSAIDs group such as Brufen, Voltaren and other drug that stop bleeding sample aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil, primrose oil to reduce bruises.

4. Inform doctor before treatment if you have a history of herpes lips.

5. If you have history of accident on face please inform the Doctor.

6. Give all details after get the treatment to doctor.

7. Checking the medicine brand if they are reliable or having Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or not. Avoiding liquid silicone as can cause the complication infection.


Case of using Wrinkless Injection

1. After 1-2 hours should move your muscle at the treated area example frown to exercise your muscle.

2. 4 hours after not recommend to lying down or face down, should keep sitting only.

3. 4 hours after do not exercise hard or doing yoga.

4. 24 hours after avoiding to use drugs or cosmetics that cause irritation such as AHA acids or vitamin C.

5. 1 week after do not take sauna or touch with heat and avoid drinking alcohol.

6. 2 weeks after avoid face massage or any laser on the treated area.

7. Use cosmetics carefully and try not to rubbing vigorously during 2 weeks after treatment.

8. Can use ice pack in case of swelling or bruising. 

9. There may be a little redness on skin but don’t worry as it is temporary and will disappear by itself.

10. There may be strained on face skin for 3-4 days after treatment. Do not worry as it is normal and will disappear in 1-2 weeks after.

Case of using Filler Injection

1. In case of bruise from injection can apply an ice pack or using cream that contain Vitamin K to reduce bruise.

2. Using makeup or foundation as normal.

3. Stop receiving laser, radio waves, heat treatment or massaging on the face for 1 week.

4. Found a small lump under the skin is normal and will disappear by 2 weeks, gentle massaging can resolves it quicker.

5. Meet the Doctor 1 week after treatment to get evaluation.


1. Repair wrinkle such as lines around eyes, frown lines, forehead lines or nasolabial folds.

2. Solve deep wrinkles line example under eyes lines or bunny lines, reduce dark circles under eyes, repair temple and cheek area which are slight dimple and minimize rectangular/square face.

3. Fixing facial asymmetry such as high cheekbones, too wide or big face structure, flat nose or big ala nasi.

4. Fixing sagging skin such as brow droop, eyelid drooping, under-eye bags, cheek and double-chin.


1. Side effects may occur in some some cases such as headache, queasy or itching at the injection area.

2. Filler treatment use Hyaluronic acid that is not collagen which derived from animal the chance to get allergic is rare.

3. There is no harm, no wounds and no need to recuperating.

4. Get this treatment with the other that our Doctor suggested will help you to get better result