Reducing the fat from specific areas such as the cheek, dewlap and jowl. The treatment is safe, harmless, and doesn’t produce any wounds, nor does it need recuperation time. The result is extremely fast, no surgery is required, and high safety standards are implemented as we have professional dermatologists taking close care of the whole process. It is a highly effective treatment to rid fat from specific areas of the body such as the cheek or dewlap. It helps in making face contouring very quick and easy, which is done by using a special treatment in the form of injection into the skin cells (Meso Lipolysis). The result will make the treated area aesthetically pleasing and nearing perfection. The treatment does not hurt, nor does it leave scars, and as a result there is no need to recuperate, and one can go back to their daily work as normal. It is a safe and effective treatment which has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration.



1. Get consult from your healthcare professional before received this treatment.

2. The treatment no need to use anesthesia as we can use cold compress treatment to push the medicine but in some cases may require anesthetic cream on treated area around 30-45 minutes

3. The doctor will use 0.5-1 CC of treatment injection under the treated skin area, 5-10 mm of each injection depth. Distance 2 cm. Of each injection Taking 15-30 minutes depend on area.


Meso Lipolysis is an injection produced with innovative technology using many specialised active ingredients that provide benefits such as excretion of stagnant fluids, toxins and decompositional products of fats, and also contributes to a more uniform distribution of fluid in the body by stimulating collagen, and improving the figure by pulling the body, which is not harmful to the skin. Injecting the substance directly under the skin is safe as a natural substance is used, which means no allergic reactions, and this includes the benefit of the body being able to dissolve this natural substance on its own by excretion through urine and feces. Besides the excretion, it also helps to inhibit new fat and burn current fat; this improves the circulation of the blood, lymphatic system and stimulates collagen production. It also helps the skin looks healthier and tighter.


There are many injection cosmetology which is convenient and more modern. The result comes faster, no side effect such as bruising, no pain or swelling from treatment. Taking less time than the last cosmetology, no need to recuperate and it is the most popular treatment to get weight loss without the surgery.

1. Reduce fat on the face

2. Destroy the fatty deposits that from a dewlap.

3. Reduce fat from upper arms and thighs.

4. Reducing fat around abdominal and waist.


Taking around 15-30 minutes depending on the treated area and get injection again between 5-7 day follow the doctor’s appointment. Should get treatment 3-5 times depend on individual skin types and problems.


Who has problem with the fatty deposits at a cheek, a dewlap, upper arms, thighs, abdomen, thighs and so on.


1. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

2. Who has diabetes and need insulin injections dialy.

3. Patients with a history of vascular disease in brain such as cerebral thrombosis or thromboembolism.

4. Patients with a history of abnormal blood cancer.

5. Patients with a history of heart disease and underwent several treatments.


The patient will feel little pain or pain under skin almost like ant bites. After treatment may see a needle mark as small spot on the treated area and will disappear within an hour.     


1. Drink at least 2 liters per day to dissolved the excess fat out form body through the urine. Water can help excrete faster therefore we recommended.

2. Recommended to get RF treatment during receiving this treatment as it will accelerate fat loss and also help to increase muscle tone.

3. There may be some bruised of injection but will disappear within 5-7 days.

4. After treatment 1-3 days avoiding sauna and 1 week avoiding other treatment.

5. Avoiding drinking alcohol.

6. Do exercise such as brisk walking, yoga, aerobics 30-45 minutes for 2-3 time per week, to keep the muscles toned and dissolving fat quicker and also reduce the accumulation of fat.

7. Adjust your eating habit, control weight, try to avoid eating fat and unhealthy food as the treatment will not effective if patient did not have discipline to control weight.


At first time after injection treatment, the fat under skin will be reduced, fat begin to shrink or fat cells decrease around 10-20%, end of the course you can see 50-80% improvement of the figure. May see the treated area get larger in 1-2 weeks for some cases as the excretion of fluids and fat is slower than usual. The fat will slightly breakdown as the medicine begin to active then the treated area will be subsidence. Some area might get sag for example chin, abdomen or arms therefore we suggest to take RF and Meso Firming program to help skin get firmer and tighter.


The treatment is safe causing no harm as our doctor will take close care. There will be no need to recuperate, every client can go back to their normal daily work. To get a more efficient and faster outcome clients should have this treatment together with other treatment recommended by our medical professionals.