About Us

Iconic Clinic

Iconic Clinic is a world-class dermatology center that employs the latest medical technology and trained professionals - all to the highest international standards. We provide a private counselling session on your skin health and beauty. Our medical professionals all have long, extensive experience in the beauty profession - more than 10 years - and posses excellent knowledge and medical capabilities to deliver the most precise and thorough consultation available, catered to meet your individual needs for the best and truly sustainable results. Once we develop your treatment plan, we’ll apply the most innovative medical technology and treatment from abroad - all selected and tailored to your individual treatment plan. All treatments are conducted strictly by medical professionals who employ world - class laser dermatology. Our pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products meet the most demanding standards of quality and product safety, certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA). To maintain the highest, consistent standards of care, 

Iconic Clinic has placed a strong focus on training and regular employee assessment. You can be assured of always receiving providing warm service and attention in accordance with the highest standards and practices in the skin-care field to enhance your well-being. Our medical specialists are dedicated to service excellence. We never stop developing and providing new innovations on beauty by combining holistic health care with sophisticated aesthetic medicine to achieve the desired therapeutic effect in the desired place. Our patients find our services and treatment safe, effective, and impressive as we strive to make everyone “Be Your Own ICON.”

Iconic Clinic offers services on aesthetic, anti-aging and cosmetic surgery to reflect our philosophy “Be Your Own Icon”. We specialize in anti-aging and regenerative care from the inside out and vice versa while  improving the appearance of our customers to stay youthful. Our teams of medical specialists are highly experienced to provide services and care that cover the whole body, available in four groups.

        1. Skin and Laser (Skin and Laser)

Personal care services for skin adjustment by our ultimately sophisticated  laser treatment, enhanced with expertise, knowledge, and safeguards on high-quality, safety, and efficacy of our pharmaceutical products and cosmetic dermatology.

       2. Facial Design​​​​​​​

We offer facial aesthetic treatments such Botox and Filler. Our proprietary techniques have been developed continuously by highly-skilled medical professionals. The application of high-quality and secure products is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA), USA FDA, and other international practices.

     3. Anti-Aging​​​​​​​

Physical maintenance and rehabilitation for all of your body's functions are performed simultaneously by stimulating the repair process at the cellular level. This method is widely used among the world’s A-list celebrities, making it popular among those who are seeking alternative medicine. It’s also widely known as an effective treatment from the inside out.

       4. Cosmetic Surgery​​​​​​​

Services for aesthetic plastic surgery catered for nose, eyes, face-lifting, and so on by a team of surgeons and specialists with a highly experienced background.

​​​​​​​Iconic Clinic is focused on providing quality services with hi-end standards and the best selection for you. The clinic’s finishing ambiance gives you the delight to make you feel relaxed throughout the procedure. Our medical aestheticians will help you create a new look and beauty to ensure you will be unforgettably impressed with the result.

Iconic Clinic’s team of medical specialists with an array of experiences and unrivaled skills in the aesthetic services. We are also supported by specialists with many different backgrounds, nurses, and multidisciplinary experts.

Iconic Clinic’s aesthetic services are performed by well-known specialists led by Prof. Dr. Thamthiwat Nararatwanchai, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Advisor, who has been recognized in the medical community locally and abroad.

The clinic also has a medical team specialized in aesthetic beauty, skin care, laser,  facial design, anti-aging & regenerative medicine, and cosmetic surgery, especially catered to your specific needs.

Prof. Piti Palungwachira, M.D., Ph.D

Founder and Dean of the School of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine at Mae Fah Luang University, Bangkok, and Advisor to Mae Fah Luang University Hospital, Bangkok.

Saranchai Kiatsurayanon, M.D.

Facial Plastic Surgeon