This program designed for skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation without any surgery. The laser technology can lift skin up from the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system); SMAS tissue-lifting stimulates collagen and elastin under the skin. Therefore this program can create new tissues in the muscle which makes skin tighter, pores smaller, reduces dullness, and softens and smoothes skin in a natural way without any surgery or scarring. The procedure is highly safe and doesn’t require any recuperation, thus this treatment can give you the very best results for face lifting. In addition to this, it can lift the eyelids and eyebrows up, thereby making your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. The skin under your eyes will also get tighter and look smoother. Your cheeks will become smooth and soft, and the rest of the face is improved through the reduction of the dewlap under the chin, as well as the wrinkles being faded. Sagging breasts can also be tightened by using this innovative technology as well. In all cases, the results can last for an extremely long period of time.



Before receiving our laser treatment your skin needs to have the cleaning step first. Then we will put an anesthetic cream on the treated area around 45 minutes. Once anesthetic begins to take action our Doctor will use a machine head gently touch on the skin. The estimated time as recommended by our Doctor will be around 45-60 minutes.


45-60 minutes per session and only 1 session that needed. The Doctor may require 1 more session after the treatment. Results vary and depend on a person’s age and after treatment care.

(Individual results may vary.)


1. People who have sagging skin on face, low eyebrow, ptosis getting lower, flabby cheeks, double-chin and who need to get perfect face shape.
2. A person who wants to reduce wrinkles.
3. People who wants oval face shape.
4. A person who doesn’t want surgery and clown times.



1. Tighten loose skin and keep it firm.

2. Plump pores.

3. Nasolabial fold is faded.

4. Tighten dewlap under the chin.

5. Have perfect face shape.

6. Have oval face shape.

7. Lifting eyebrow, eyelid, skin around eyes

8. Firm under-eye bags



You will feel a slight warm under the skin and a little hurt while the Doctor is using the Ulthera machine touching the treated are. Someone might feel like many micro-needles touching your skin which, it is depend on person. 


1. Strictly follow Doctor’s suggestions such as your next appointment.

2. 4-5 days after the treatment please avoid to get direct sunlight or heat such as streaming and sauna.

3. After treatment your will feel warm on the skin. You may see some pink red marks on the skin but they will gradually improve and disappear on their own within 48-72 hours.

4. After treatment should wash your skin with only clean water.

5. Apply a moisturizer and sunscreen regularly.

6. The day after treatment you might feel sore under skin but it will slowly better and disappear by 4 weeks.

7. Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain.

8. Sleep on high pillow to reduce swelling.



The treatment is safe causing no harm or wounds. There will be no need to recuperate, every client can go back to their normal daily work. To get a more efficient and faster outcome clients should have this treatment together with other treatment recommended by our medical professionals.