Lower blepharoplasty, tissue sparing technique

This is the surgery that lift the under eye bags and cuts the tissue under eyes near the lash line only. The under eye bags caused from too much fat in the eye socket tend to make them look like bags. This problem is found in many old people and some young people as well. Tissue Sparing Technique is the surgery which focuses on the under eyes, near the lash line, and it takes only a small amount of fat or muscle so that the skin will be tight and look more joyful. This technique is popular in America and Europe as there will only be a small wound present, however the surgery needs to done by medical experts.

Surgery step

1. Before surgery the doctor will give sleeping pill which is not strong type and inject the anesthesia under eye skin.
2. Doctor will open skin and remove excess fat out from under eye bag by using laser to kill fat. 
3. Next to stitch the muscle and skin under eyes to be tighter.
4. After that doctor will close skin by polydioxanone which hard to see after recover. 
5. The surgery takes around 45-60 minutes.


Suggestion after treatment

1. After surgery it is normal to have swelling on surgery area for 1-3 days and will slightly recover in 2-3 weeks. It will disappear by 2-3 months. 
2. Should put cold compress on forehead around the eyes for 2 days.
3. After surgery patients should sleep with high pillow to reduce inflammation and swelling.
4. After surgery patients should take drugs follow doctor advice to reduce inflammation and swelling.
Should stop wearing contact lenses for 1 week or until the swelling disappears.