A beautiful nose shape should match with one’s face, including the length, width and nose shape. The nose is an important and prominent part of your face that will make you look beautiful from a variety of angles, including even looking from the side or facing towards someone. 

Rhinoplasty material

1. Cartilage from body, the most popular is auricular cartilage.
2. Silicone is one of the most popular for rhinoplasty.


The treatment step

1. Receive consultation before surgery.
2. Taking a sleeping pill, which is not strong, in order to feel more relaxed while surgery is taking place.
3. Clean skin near the nose area.
4. Providing an anaesthetic injection.
5. Opening of the skin to insert silicon.
6. Inserting silicone into the nose which will be the responsibility of a highly trained doctor.
7. Closing of the wound by using stitching inside of the nose.
8. Pasting the plaster to hold the nose.


Duration of treatment

1. Taking around 45-60 minutes.
2. Rest at clinic for 1 hour after surgery then can go back home.


Suggestion after treatment

1. After surgery patients should sleep with high pillow to reduce inflammation and swelling for 3 days.
2. Should put cold compress of first 2 days then use warm compress together with cold compress.
3. Do not sleep on the side for 1 week as it might make misshapen nose.
4. Stop drinking alcohol and fermented food for a week.
5. Gently wipe face and avoid water to touch wound.
6. Can remove plaster after 3 days of surgery.
7. Taking drugs as doctor prescribed.
8. Meet doctor around day 7-10 to remove suture.
9. Avoiding activities that may affect the nose such as running, swimming or blow your nose for 8 weeks.
10. The nose will look better by 1 month.
11. Feeling more swelling or bleeding please consult a doctor immediately.