This is the latest innovation to shed body fat and get slim with no harmfulness, no wounding, no surgery and no need for recuperation. This technology reduces your fat, dissolves cellulite, and firms the following parts of the body: the arms, thighs, abdomen, waist, bum and hips. Using Exilis Elite machine to deliver heat which works much in the same way as when you are exercising. It will stimulate inactive fat and dissolve it from the body, or fat apoptosis. Moreover,  it will help to stimulate collagen production, which makes the skin healthy, tight, and wrinkless after treatment. It is safe, harmless, without wounding or surgery, and doesn’t require any recuperation time.

The treatment step

Before receive Elite Slim & Firm treatment our specialist will define treated area. Then clean the skin and put the Exilis Elite machine to work on skin with the amount that measured from doctor. It will take around 30-90 minutes depend on treated area. 

Duration of treatment

It takes 30-90 minutes depend on treated area. Administered 4 time at least with 7-10 rest depending on the individual’s skin problem. 

Who should get this treatment

1. People who want to be slimmer and firmer,  weight loss, body shaping, eliminate fat and cellulite without pain, surgery and recuperation.
2. Not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


The feeling during treatmen

While doctor use the machine touching on skin will feel the same as circle rock rolling one skin, no pain, no scars but feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Suggestion before treatment

1. Drink a lot of water before get this treatment as during the treatment skin will lose water and lead to dry skin.
2. Should have skin care before the treatment if having serious dry skin. 


Suggestion after treatment

1. Drink a lot of water to dissolve fat through urine and feces.
2. Exercise and control your diet together with our treatment.
3. Strictly follow doctor’s advice such schedule program.
4. Use moisturizer and sunscreen and put makeup as normal.
5. There may be redness on treated area and feel a little warm and will disappear in 1 hour, there is not scars, no need to recuperate and can get back to work as normal.
6. Recommended to receive this treatment with other treatment recommended by our medical professionals.


The results after treatment

1. Relieve excess fat and eliminate cellulite. 
2. Get tighter skin and smoother. 
3. Shaping and firming body.
4. Improving blood flow to get healthy skin.


Is this treatment safe

 The treatment is safe causing no harm or wounds. There will be no need to recuperate, every client can go back to their normal daily work. The Exilis Elite is the machine that has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and Thailand and also has certificates from Security Standard of CE and many certification from many countries.