To eliminate fat from the body, shape the body, and get slimmer: this program eliminates fat in special areas, improves your appearance, and allows you to get a better shape. There is no pain, no wounding, and no need to recuperate as it is a non-surgical procedure, and conducted in an extremely safe way by our special medical professionals. This program is very popular, using injection to reduce subcutaneous fat in body areas such as the arms, breasts, waist, abdominal, hips and thighs. This program improves one’s figure to be more beautiful. We use a special technique of injection under the skin or Meso Lipolysis. It is not painful as there are no incisions made, and requires no recuperation time. Clients can get back to daily work lives immediately. The client should have the treatment in conjunction with medication or cosmetics that will be recommended by our medical professionals for the best results.

The treatment step

1. Get consultant from medical professional before receive this treatment.
2. Usually can get this injection by using anesthetic spray or cold compress. 
3. The doctor will use 0.5-1 cc of treatment to inject to skin, by using micro-needles to inject to skin about 15-30 mm deep and keep distance around 2 cm. It take around 15-30 minutes, depend on treated area.


Meso Lipolysis is

An injection technique that contains many substances of active ingredients to reinforce lipolysis and reduce retention of fluids on the treated area. This program also stimulates collagen which helps skin to be tighter. The injection is safe as it made from natural products, and subsequently has no side effects and will not deposit in the body. This program will boost the metabolism and deliver metabolic processes in cells and produce energy, which is then excreted through urine and feces. Moreover it can improve blood circulation, the lymphatic system and stimulate collagen, making the skin healthier and firmer.     


Nowadays, we have a medical injection to dissolve fat, in a very modern and convenient way that reduces side effects such as bruising and swelling. It is a new option for people who would like to receive treatment in a shorter time period, as well as those who want a quick result without pain, wounds, recuperation time or surgery. This program helps to dissolve fat in the following ways: 
1. Cheek fat removal which makes the cheeks look smaller. 
2. To dissolve fat under the chin (dewlap) 
3. Reducing fat at the upper arms and thighs.
4. Reducing fat from the abdomen, hips or under the breasts.


Duration of treatment

Taking around 15-30 minutes for this treatment and depend on the treated area. Patient must follow the appointment, taking 1 session only during 5-7 days after that patient can follow the schedule as doctor adviced. The total session depend on individual’s problem but average at 3-5 sessions. 

Who should get this treatment

People with excess fat in body such as upper arms, under breasts, hips, abdomen, thighs, cheek and dewlap, etc.

The prohibition of treatment

1. Pregnant or women during breastfeeding shouldn’t take this course.
2. Patients with diabetes who take insulin injection regularly.
3. Patients with a history of vascular disease such as brain disorders, cerebral thrombosis or Thromboembolism.
4. Patients with a history of abnormal blood and cancer.
5. Patients with a history of heart disease and under several treatments.


The feeling during treatment

The patients will feel a slight pain like being bitten by ants while the medical professor is giving the injection. In some cases may have a small needles marks and will disappear within 1-2 hour. 

Suggestion after treatment

1. Drink at least 2 liters per day to dissolved the excess fat out form body through the urine. Water can help excrete faster therefore we recommended.
2. Recommended to get RF treatment during receiving this treatment as it will accelerate fat loss and also help to increase muscle tone.
3. There may be some bruised of injection but will disappear within 5-7 days.
4. After treatment 1-3 days avoiding sauna and 1 week avoiding other treatment.
5. Avoiding drinking alcohol for 1 week.
6. Do exercise such as brisk walking, yoga, aerobics 30-45 minutes for 2-3 time per week, to keep the muscles toned and dissolving quicker and also reduce the accumulation of fat.
7. Adjust your eating habit, control weight, try to avoid eating fat and unhealthy food as the treatment will not effective if patient did not have discipline to control weight. 


The results after treatment

At first time after injection treatment, the fat under skin will be reduced, fat begin to shrink or fat cells decrease around 10-20%, end of the course you can see 50-80% improvement of the figure. May see the treated area get larger in 1-2 weeks for some cases as the excretion of fluids and fat is slower than usual. The fat will slightly breakdown as the medicine begin to active then the treated area will be subsidence. Some area might get sag such as chin, abdomen or arms therefore we suggest to take RF and Meso Firming program to help skin get firmer and tighter. 

Is this treatment safe

The treatment is safe causing no harm as our doctor will take close care. There will be no need to recuperate, every client can go back to their normal daily work. To get a more efficient and faster outcome clients should have this treatment together with other treatment recommended by our medical professionals.